Adult education contribution of postmodernism. .

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What is Postmodernism?

Adult education contribution of postmodernism

The recipients of the knowledge are affected by other messages and experiences that result in many interpretations of the same information. The value of this currency is based on a combination of grades, relative value of the curriculum, and status of the institution granting the credit. Rather than trying to minimizing mistakes, administrators in this organizational setting would expect perhaps even welcome mistakes — knowing they will happen. So many of us find ourselves watching a television show that informs us of a process or experience in which we will never participate or apply that knowledge. It is critical that we know how to live and learn in an open system, open to ambiguity, open to serendipitous development. We live in a democratized society of digital interactivity. The doctoral student is recognized as an adult learner who can, at a doctoral level, direct the spirit, if not the letter, of their learning. They suggest the application of twelve principles to manage these turbulent times. Because postmodernism is as much a philosophical movement as it is a learning theory, it is impossible to discuss the movement without also discussing the underlying philosophy and ubiquity of the postmodern movement. Over time the concepts and ideas that are on the fringe of society will affect conversations, artistic pieces, and eventually become pervasive on a large enough scale to affect the whole of a society. In this organizational setting, diversity operates as a window to see alternate views and as a system that invests in innovative paths. Because of the contextual nature of knowledge, individuals can hold two completely incongruent views of one subject at the same time Kilgore, The world is taken apart, split into disciplines, objectified, quantified and then repackaged as courses with learner objectives. Adult education contribution of postmodernism

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Adult education contribution of postmodernism

Adult education contribution of postmodernism

Adult education contribution of postmodernism

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  1. Because of the contextual nature of knowledge, individuals can hold two completely incongruent views of one subject at the same time Kilgore, Modern students rely on this kind of logic and on dogma.

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