How to be a better gay bottom. First Time Bottoming: 10 Anal Tips for Gay Men.

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The Gay Bottom Bible

How to be a better gay bottom

The first rule of gay sex applies to bottoms of all calibers: Some consider it an acceptable occasional practice to relieve constipation, but most would frown at the idea of douching as frequently as every week or more. If you put a bit more effort in and shake your bottom while doing this, magical things can happen. Allow enough time for food to digest before bottoming. Think of it as a tunnel, and the entire tunnel needs to be a well-lubed cylinder. The three-to-five-time rule applies here as well. Ready for the real thing: If you clean with a shower attachment, relax. Sure, people have a preference, but now could be the perfect time to escape the top or bottom prison you live in. Even if you are not versatile sexually, there are many benefits to being a versatile bottom, able to ride it when he is feeling tired and able to shut up and take it when he is feeling rough and in charge. Many guys prefer spit — I do — but spit typically will not work for rough sex or extended play. It is probably not the best thing to do, but neither is excessive cleaning or really rough sex, which can cause hemorrhoids and fissures and other ailments. Tops can suck dick, too! So while a finger check might be convincing for some, I always fear there may be stuff further up. Some guys take this to risky extremes and will stay blindfolded on a bed in a hotel room with the door unlocked for a day or two not recommended, since this can lead to bodily harm and loss of valuables and property. How to be a better gay bottom

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How to be a better gay bottom

How to be a better gay bottom

How to be a better gay bottom

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  1. If you choose to have sex on any drug or mild-altering substance — alcohol being one of them — know that substances can limit your ability to detect pain or know when your butt has had enough. Enjoy it. This is why I almost always clean out beforehand.

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