How to get a girl to be interested in you. 10 Tricks to Get a Girl to Like You.

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How To Keep A Woman Interested In You

How to get a girl to be interested in you

In other words, you will automatically learn how to get a girl interested in you once you know what it means to be an interesting man who does interesting things and who shares those things with the women he wants to attract. So if you want to have any shot of getting a girl to chase you, then you must not over-text. All while sparking that interest and attraction. Tell her things that make her blush, like complimenting her every time and being cheesy around her. Be unattached to the outcome One thing that is will help you tremendously when learning how to attract any woman is being unattached to the outcome. Be so alpha that you don't need to pay attention to her. Now, I know the video I originally created was only 10 tips, but because this article and video have gone so viral, I've decided to add a few more tips to help make a girl attracted to you. If you want your relationship to last a lifetime, then I suggest you put an effort in showing her that you plan on doing so. In my opinion, what really matters is the girl that you're chasing. She says she likes country music? They Dress to Impress Have you been to a club lately? Stay calm and always be a gentleman if you want her forever. Smell horrible. This will help you relax and allow that confident body language to come out naturally. How to get a girl to be interested in you

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How to get a girl to be interested in you

How to get a girl to be interested in you

How to get a girl to be interested in you

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  1. Think of yourself as a salesman. Understanding simple attraction skills. I have seen it too many times that a man tried to appear calm and suave while looking at a girl, just to see him doing nothing after she had smiled at him.

  2. There is a psychological effect called the Benjamin Franklin effect that goes like this. I also feel comfortable in a nice suit, but as soon as you wear something because you want to get attention and not because you feel good wearing it, you always come from a place of low self-esteem and women will immediately see right through you.

  3. The only thing that most of those self-proclaimed MI6 agents forget is that the real James Bond opens his mouth and actually approaches the ladies he smiles at. About three years ago I made the decision to use the second strategy and I really hope that you make the same decision. All while sparking that interest and attraction.

  4. Getting people to like you is a skill, and like playing the piano or cooking a mean omelette, you can get better through perfect practice.

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