How to give a taper haircut. The Athlete’s Taper.

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How to give a taper haircut

Understand what a classic tapered hairline should look like. What is the final step to complete the taper in the transition area before you move on to the finish? Repeat this step as many times as necessary until there is no more hair to cut. For shorter hair, any regular wax, paste, pomade, or similar product will work. This will cause irritation. This will take any of the remaining curl or wave off for the final blend. What should you see in the comb when cutting the hair? Determine if you are going to cut with grain against it. This style is also popular among professionals who need a neat look for work. You can either use the scissors to do it or the longest guard of the clipper. How to give a taper haircut

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How to give a taper haircut

How to give a taper haircut

How to give a taper haircut

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  1. If there is any recession in the corners make sure to over direct the hair to the point of the recession. This will start the taper.

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