Nemo fillo vs fillo elite. NEMO Equipment Fillo Elite.

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Nemo fillo vs fillo elite

On outdoor excursions from Minnesota to Alaska, we loved sleeping on this contender while car camping, on weekend trips, and even short backpacking ventures. Unpacked, it's wider and longer to provide more acreage for your dome. Ease of Use Our Editors' Choice winner also scores well in this category. If you're willing to sacrifice comfort for more support, consider the inflatable Aeros or hybrid REM. However, the Fillo's convincing performance across the board makes it a great value and a clear pick for our Editors' Choice Award. Valve system is a bit tricky, a true one way valve would be a better design. This is by far my favorite pillow. Very comfortable and light weight. Packs down small, lightweight, easy to blow up, large enough to be comfortable, classic pillow shape Dislikes: Packed Size The Fillo packs a lot of comfort into a reasonable size. Nemo fillo vs fillo elite

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Nemo fillo vs fillo elite

Nemo fillo vs fillo elite

Nemo fillo vs fillo elite

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  1. None Just enough! Inside the attached stuff sack, its volume is just 1. It's easier to remove the air chamber for washing than the hybrid REM.

  2. We enjoyed having it along in our pack whether we were camping right beside the car or four days deep in the backcountry. The valve can be tricky to close if you never used one before.

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