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Sinthetics e le sex dolls per donne


Costs for fully custom items that cannot be sold are approximately double the costs of items we can resell. We also offer accessory items such as extra wigs and eyes, the Sexy Feet , various dildos and similar items. Contact us for more information and pricing. The pricing described above assumes we can use our existing skeleton parts, unmodified, and our typical production techniques. Grip the insert at the thick ridge behind the labia - you will have to put your fingers into the inner ridge of the body. Sinthetics are shipped using a trusted freight company. The Latte and Caramel have been reformulated to Sugar and Spice respectively. Can you make a manikin of my friend or a celebrity? If the client is not ready to make the remaining balance payment at the time production is ready to commence, we will wait to begin production until the order is paid in full. We cannot do reductions as they would require an entirely new body mold and therefore a fully custom body. Each sample is just a small piece to show color, softness and texture. Sinthetics

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  1. All products also receive body blushing for natural contour and "warmth" on the body. The time and cost for a custom project is very high if we are unable to sell the doll again.

  2. This creates a very realistic appearance but the hairs are fine and must be cleaned carefully. For bear hug: Owners of insert manikins can request a free replacement Honey Pot every 13th month, just cover the cost of postage.

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