Slave market video. Footage Of African Slave Market Sparks Outrage [VIDEO].

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Slave market video

This video is meant to help viewers imagine what the built environment of mid-nineteenth-century Richmond looked like and recognize the significant physical footprint of slave trading in its commercial district. The fates of refugees and migrants like those shown in the slave market video are often solely in the hands of smugglers who exchange money for their transport to a new home. And these new efforts will reek of hypocrisy if they do not also recognize the relationship between existing migration control policies and the vulnerability of migrants using routes into and through Libya. Anyone can sell you to another group. The grainy undercover video appears to show smugglers selling off a dozen men outside of the capital city Tripoli. Intensifying border controls without addressing the reasons why people move or providing alternatives is likely to reinforce the dangers that they face. But Doyle, the IOM spokesperson, says more needs to be done to stop migration at its core, particularly from tech companies who own online platforms where traffickers can falsely lure people into paying smugglers. Since , the IOM has repatriated 13, people from Libya under a voluntary program. For four years in a row, 3, refugees have died while attempting the journey, according to figures from the International Organization for Migration IOM , the U. Most of the migrants will be sent back to their home countries. Earlier this week, the foreign ministry of Rwanda said it would extend asylum to 30, mainly sub-Saharan Africans stuck in Libya. However, the U. Slave market video

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Slave market video

Slave market video

Slave market video

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  1. In each of the last three years, , people have made the dangerous crossing across the Mediterranean Sea from Libya. The footage and subsequent investigation conducted by CNN last month has rallied European and African leaders to take action to stop the abuses.

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