What to do with a snitch. How to Find and Stop the Workplace Snitch.

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how to spot a snitch

What to do with a snitch

Most busy upper managers have much better things to do than listen to childish complaints, but that doesn't mean that the problem employee won't keep trying. Who wants to be friendly with people that might stab you in the back? Top Midsize Workplace We have come to understand that there is a new breed of serial killer--young men who kill and kill and kill again. Exceed Performance Expectations If you've always gotten stellar performance reviews and have proved your value to the company, your manager will most likely blow off a co-worker's trivial complaints and tell him or her to stop complaining and get back to work. However, since most managers dislike a complainer as much as co-workers do, squealing is almost never a successful strategy for ascending the corporate ladder. Also, consider your motivation for telling. In poor black neighborhoods, we have seen the revolving door of criminal justice. Employees should be encouraged to inform their managers or the HR departments of serious conduct breaches, such as sexual harassment, embezzlement, or threats of violence. Why should snitching be a one-way street? What to do with a snitch

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What to do with a snitch

What to do with a snitch

What to do with a snitch

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  1. The Law--the police--in certain neighborhoods isn't necessarily the law. The employee will naturally connect the reward with the tattling and will begin to bombard you with tales of the latest employee indiscretions.

  2. You will hurt your career if you do. Just take as a given that everything you say and do is going to be known to your fellow employees and to management. Working with people who dislike you can make for a pretty miserable work environment.

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