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Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam - What We Came Here For (FULL VIDEO)

Camp rock wikipedia

Tess quickly becomes partners with Luke on all of Camp Star's performances. Although she was quite aware of her talent for music, she kept it to herself, and did nearly anything possible to get out of performing in front of an audience, or even a single friend. He is one of the few that stuck with Mitchie. At the camp, a voice that he enjoys, and spends most of his time trying to find the girl who sang who is really Mitchie. But eventually, everyone finds their niche. The Final Jam alongside Shane Gray. Final Jam arrives and everyone is ready for performances. Tess, impressed, invites Mitchie to bunk with her group. It is later revealed that Mitchie writes her own songs in a small yellow manuscript book, and is able to play both the guitar and piano. Tess found out and exposed her, but she later regained her friends' trust. But then, Caitlyn decides that they should make their own group. Tess was once best friends with Caitlyn Gellar , however, they fell apart after Tess' jealousness and arrogantness came into play, however, after Final Jam she and Caitlyn reconciled on their friendship, though this time not as close. However, after Peggy stands up to her and Tess is let down once again by her mother, she somewhat begins to be a kinder person. She is average height for an early teenager, slender, has long, straight brown hair with bangs hanging right above her eyebrows, brown eyes and usually wears plain and simple outfits, such as loose shirts, simple jeans and a variety of sneakers, sandals and boots. Her sense of fashion also changed. When Mitchie accidentally enters the kitchen while Caitlyn is working, Caitlyn learns about Mitchie's secret. Camp rock wikipedia

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Camp rock wikipedia

Camp rock wikipedia

Camp rock wikipedia

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  1. Although occasionally seen in the first film, Mitchie's dancing abilities are more noticable in the second film, and are able to cover a variety of genres, including hip hop.

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