Girls with big thighs. Do guys really like girls with thick thighs?.

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Girls with big thighs

And every so often, there are twigs who call the cellulite disgusting and make you feel incredibly insecure about it. But admit it, you still wear them for a bit after the tearing as long as you could get away with it! Get over it, boys. Your body starts to look frumpy. It takes forever to find decent bottoms. The sweat is REAL. When it gets hot out, and your thighs constantly rub against each other, major chafing occurs. Advertisement Being Sexualized Having bigger thighs somehow makes men turn into pigs sometimes. They were muscular, powerful, good for tackling, and looked DOPE in leggings. Growing up I saw them as a hindrance to rocking skinny jeans, and another reason for creepy men to whistle at me. You also get access to an exclusive Facebook support group and daily challenges to stay on track. Advertisement Chafing Chafing is the worst -- literally, the worst thing ever. Well, yea, zero for me as well. Advertisement Bigger Than The Rest When you sit down next to literally anyone and both of their thighs are smaller than one of yours. Girls with big thighs

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Girls with big thighs

Girls with big thighs

Girls with big thighs

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  1. It's not fair what you just said because girls are naturally skinny. Looking for a program that will transform the way you think about your body?

  2. Weird right? To be honest, I think these thicker girls need to be ones wearing the shorts and skirts and being proud of their legs and these anorexic-looking underweight stick-leg girls should be reading the weight managment books to gain some!

  3. I wish I could rock them as well as my boyfriend. You are such an uptight cunt and you are sure going to hell. But this other girl in front and to the right of me, right in my view wearing this short skirt, had these "stick legs", literally, its like the kind of legs you see in pictures of anorexic people, I didn't give her a second glance through the entire flight even though she was right there plain as day.

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