Hcg diet approved food list. Phase 2 Approved HCG Diet Food List.

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10 HCG Diet Cheats To Combat Hunger Pains

Hcg diet approved food list

Eat whatever you like for a couple of days in order to refill your fat reserves. This amount can be different based on a few different factors, including your weight and BMI , but it must be taken daily during the first two phases. The HCG food list Phase 1 also allows you to consume, aside from cheese and red meat, a variety of food items like fatty fish, oils, and nuts. There are quite a few reviews on different companies you can order from, so be sure you do your research. Some slow-digesting carbohydrate food items included in the HCG Phase 3 food list are brown rice, oatmeal, fruit, and quinoa. During this phase, which lasts for two days others do this for four to six days , you load up on high-protein and high-fat foods during the first phase. Protein-rich food. What Foods to Eat While on the Diet? You can still cheat on that piece of cake now and then. These vegetables include lettuce, spinach, green bell chilly, tomatoes, cilantro, onion, lettuce, basil leaves, cucumber, green beans, celery, red radishes, and asparagus. Phase 3: Hcg diet approved food list

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Hcg diet approved food list

Hcg diet approved food list

Hcg diet approved food list

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  1. These proteins include: Only melba toast or grissini is allowed, very sparingly, but you can continue to use seasonings as long as they do not have oil or butter.

  2. The maintenance phase where you reintroduce carbs and sugar back into your diet. Water also offer protection as well as moisturize your joints. Water enhances the moisturizing of air in lungs as well as offers a helping hand in metabolism thus protecting your important organs.

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