Literotica adult baby. ‘adult diaper’ stories.

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Literotica adult baby

Your head spins as you suck at the sweet milk. Let me mother you. You press your feet onto the ground and lift your buttocks off the floor as Mummy slides the nappy under your bottom. I crawled out of the room and down the hallway, hoping to find the bathroom. I can help you. Did you honestly believe me. You remember Mummys enticing words. That's why you called. I had to pee and stood up to use the toilet. The nappy is warm, the tights comforting and the pretty dress soft and delightful. Literotica adult baby

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Literotica adult baby

Literotica adult baby

Literotica adult baby

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  1. This is your decision. Then he got up, grabbed a bottle of milk from the fridge and handed it to me as he washed down the tray and me.

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