Narco girlfriend murdered best gore. Mexico's Narco Cultura: Glorifying Drug War Death and Destruction.

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From High School Star to Mexican Drug Cartel

Narco girlfriend murdered best gore

Rex Features Vasquez was the boss of the Piedras Negras 'Plaza' drugs corridor in northern Mexico Rex Features 4 Vasquez was slapped with seven consecutive life sentences for a several crimes including murder and drugs trafficking The parents and more than a dozen others were then ordered to be killed in the same way. The bodies were handcuffed, marked with star signs and tattooed with the letter Z. The tortured men were found with the message 'Elite antirratas' pinned to their bodies, which means 'Elite group against rats'. Cartel members who know they are on a hit list are understood to use such facilities as a safe hiding place. Contact us at editors time. Officials said the dead were scattered across three adjacent homes. In February , gunmen in Tabasco southeastern Mexico opened fire on the homes of state police officer Carlos Reyes Lopez and his extended family, killing 12 people, including a 2-year-old and five other children. A teenage girl explains how much she wishes she could be the girlfriend of a narco. Most conflict films are exhausting and upsetting enough; jittery, hand-held camerawork and quick edits can leave the audience feeling even more drained. Mexican federal agents also seized eight luxury vehicles, seven weapons and a pill-making machine during the raid in Lomas de Chapultepec, a neighborhood of walled compounds that is home to ambassadors and business magnates. The Palillos — a Mexican gang related to the Tijuana-based Arellano Felix drug cartel, moved across the border in and posed as U. We are the best at kidnapping. They burst into the small residence where the family slept and opened fire. Narco girlfriend murdered best gore

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Narco girlfriend murdered best gore

Narco girlfriend murdered best gore

Narco girlfriend murdered best gore

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  1. The mayor of Juarez said that there was no evidence suggesting any of the teens were connected to the drug gangs. Drug clinics in Juarez have been hit before with traffickers accusing them of protecting dealers from rival gangs. Often he keeps his camera perfectly still and lets it roll for a long time to create what are essentially still lives in moving pictures — often of bodies or blood-spattered cars.

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