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Swallow mature

This review focuses on the maturation of the various physiologic functions implicated in the transport of a bolus from the oral cavity to the stomach. Infant oral feeding research is a relatively young field. At present, the determination of whether poor oral feeding may be due to immature oral feeding skills or other medical concerns has been challenged by the lack of appropriate tools for the objective assessment s of such skills. For preterm infants, such issues are generally identified during their hospitalization in neonatal intensive care units NICUs as attainment of independent oral feeding is a major criterion for hospital discharge [ 3 ]. To better understand the complex interactions of all the above constituents, a nutritive sucking pathway is proposed that encompasses two closely intertwined conduits with suck-pharyngeal swallow -respiration pertaining to safety and suck- pharyngeal swallow-esophageal activity pertaining to efficiency. It is recognized that safe and efficient nutritive sucking does not relate solely to sucking, but rather to the synchronous activities of sucking, swallowing, breathing, and esophageal function. No evidence-based supported guidelines are currently available for health professionals caring for these infants. With the growing population of preterm infants, researchers have been offered the unique opportunity to study the development of oral feeding skills and gain a better understanding of the causes of the varied problems they encounter as they are weaned from tube to oral feeding. Sadly, these infants are under-diagnosed as they are not patients per se, unless they are brought to the attention of healthcare providers. Consequently, it would appear that the proper functioning of sucking, the swallow processing, and respiration need to occur at two levels: For term and late preterm infants, this may not be recognized until they are home due to their short hospital stay or small initial volumes of feeding. Suction corresponds to the negative intraoral pressure generated with closure of the nasal passages by the soft palate, lips tightening around breast or bottle nipple, and the lowering of the lower jaw [ 12 ]. Development of the sucking function Irrespective of whether sucking is nutritive or non-nutritive, i. Therefore, if we understand the continued development of all the complex neurophysiologic and motor functions implicated in oral feeding as infants mature, we will allow for more accurate diagnoses while facilitating the development of optimal tools and interventions for their proper growth and development. Swallow mature

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Swallow mature

Swallow mature

Swallow mature

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  1. It is of interest to note that within infants of similar gestational age GA , a broad variation in OFS skill levels can be observed Fig.

  2. With the growing population of preterm infants, researchers have been offered the unique opportunity to study the development of oral feeding skills and gain a better understanding of the causes of the varied problems they encounter as they are weaned from tube to oral feeding. Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, a substantial number of these infants do encounter similar problems [ 1 ]. With no air penetration into an increased volume of the oral cavity, milk is drawn into the mouth, an action similar to that of drinking from a straw.

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