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Fpgirl design studio

Designs can be saved or shared on social networking sites or by email. Another great shop is Sumissura , which offers a broad selection of custom skirts, suits, shirts, jackets, pants and coats. For one, the images do not portray the exact illustration of the fabric and this can create some confusion. Is it easy to rack up a big bill on-line because you aren't really aware of the spending unlike in a real world store? Continue reading Show less Is it any good? Aside from being a great shopping site for tweens, it is also an online community where design ideas and fashion collections are encouraged to be created. Model avatars that kids create in the Model Salon can wear their designs in the My Collection room. This can be a big help to kids when creating custom clothes. Users can email designs to friends and relatives. Families can talk about how fashion plays a role in expressing your identity. How do websites encourage you to spend more money? Families can talk about spending money on-line. FashionPlaytes does a good job of making the personalization process super easy, with a very appealing site full of fun colors and design elements. There is a 6-step process to creating your own custom clothing and the image displayed on the page will be updated as you go along. The price for your custom creation will be updated as you go through the design process. The Fashion Playtes brand offered custom clothing catering to girls age 5 — 12 years old and was based in Salem, Massachussets. Fpgirl design studio

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Fpgirl design studio

Fpgirl design studio

Fpgirl design studio

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  1. You can also create your very own fashion label, which you can use in all your clothing designs. The online marketplace Etsy where people around the world connect to make, sell and buy unique goods offers a wide range of custom dresses, which can also be customized since most of them are handmade.

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