Furry convention los angeles. Chlorine gas leak evacuates 'furry' convention, hospitalizes 19.

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My Worst Furry Convention Experience

Furry convention los angeles

Califur had a total attendance of and announced that they were moving to the Los Angeles Fairplex for Califur reached their goal of 1, attending, and exceeded the number with 1, The couple's year-old daughter was declared missing and possibly at-risk, but she was found a short time later. Chlorine gas leak evacuates 'furry' convention, hospitalizes 19 By Associated Press Dec 07, The theme was "Post Apocalypse". Califur [ edit ] Califur was the thirteenth iteration of the Califur convention. Officers found the three bodies, which had "significant trauma," according to police. Some also create their own characters and appreciate being in an atmosphere where nobody seems surprised or shocked by an elaborate, bright purple dragon. The theme was "Fabulous Furry Funnies! Attendees said they came for fun, but also for the spiritual and artistic aspects of the convention that have them celebrating animal characters from movies, TV shows, comic books and video games. Furry convention los angeles

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Furry convention los angeles

Furry convention los angeles

Furry convention los angeles

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  1. Many new programming additions appeared on Califur 's schedule including an After Dark set of tracks for those 18 and over.

  2. A year-old girl was also arrested but later released. The artist guest of honor was Zhivago D with musical and industry guest of honor Amadhia Albee.

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