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MacGruber: Financial Ruin - Saturday Night Live

Macgruber scene

MacGruber emerges from the jungle like a time capsule of American confidence. It was pulled from theaters in just three weeks; Parade magazine deemed it the second biggest flop of the year. It was a rhythm thing. Listen to the episode and read an excerpt from the talk below. The anonymous senior administration official scribbling secret notes to the New York Times is fighting the machine gunning of the Constitution with a clothes pin. I could hold it together if I was just sitting around, but with this, it was one or two thrusts and I was immediately lathered in sweat. I feel so bad for that child. A self-portrait that MacGruber did. It would always be measured in pumps. Were there any other debates about what should be kept in or taken out between the three of you? Since it was her birthday, they sent her off to Santa Fe for the weekend and got her a nice spa package. Also, they had a bunch of lights they were trying to use to light it properly, so it was double hot in there. The opening credits note that MacGruber is a skilled lover. Not saying a lot of people liked it, but the people who did like it knew it was because it was not compromised in any way. I had to watch again. The set designers never even changed the same gray bricks. And in MacGruber, every joke is wrong. Macgruber scene

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Macgruber scene

Macgruber scene

Macgruber scene

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  1. I had to watch again. That was supposed to be part of it! It was pulled from theaters in just three weeks; Parade magazine deemed it the second biggest flop of the year.

  2. There were probably lines we cut. Critics checked out. And in MacGruber, every joke is wrong.

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