What does cheapskate mean. Cheapskate.

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What does cheapskate mean

Sometimes it is separated into two words: However, the word cheap means costing little money. Do you have a moment to talk? I could pay you back as soon as I get my next paycheck. Hey, Tatiana. The second part has nothing whatever to do with any of the more common senses of skate. All rights reserved. More usefully for our purposes the OED lists 'skate' as a slang term for 'a mean or contemptible person'. Examples of Cheapskate In the dialogue below, two friends are discussing whether or not to go out to a restaurant for dinner. This word has a negative connotation. What does cheapskate mean

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What does cheapskate mean

What does cheapskate mean

What does cheapskate mean

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  1. This is clearly the skate we are looking for. In this example, one friend is asking another for a favor. What's the origin of the word 'Cheapskate'?

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