Guy and girl switch bodies. 16 Body-Swap Movies You Totally Forgot About.

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Guy and girl switch bodies

Those nodding their heads will be pleased to hear about Heaven Can Wait. The trouble is that it's in a Tabasco sauce bottle and Jack unknowingly puts some in his Bloody Mary We are referring to All of Me, the body-swap movie from And there usually are some life lessons learned along the way. Wish Upon a Star Disney This Katherine Heigl back-in-the-day flick shows polar-opposite sisters Hayley and Alexia switching bodies after - you guessed it - a wish upon a star. You might have assumed 17 Again would have exactly the same plot as this throwback film, but you can see they are different. Dating the Enemy Pandora Film Dating the Enemy is one of the body-swap movies that has very likely flew under your radar when all of the great romantic comedies were being released in the s. Well, lightning strikes and when they wake up they realize that they have switched bodies. Their relationship is in trouble because they are very different people. That's essentially the premise of Big. It stars the always hilarious Steve Martin as lawyer Roger Cobb. He's in a weird situation where a dying elderly woman, Edwina Cutwater Lily Tomlin , wants to add to her will that her soul will be "inherited" by a younger woman named Terry Hoskins Victoria Tennant. You'll just have to watch the comedy to find out what happens. That's where body-swap movies come in. He ends up in the body of Leo Farnsworth, a millionaire who was supposed to have been drowned in a plot involving his wife. Naturally, there are complications. Even though they all follow similar patterns, they're still each worth watching. Guy and girl switch bodies

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Guy and girl switch bodies

Guy and girl switch bodies

Guy and girl switch bodies

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  1. Then in an act of revenge, big-sis-as-younger-sis dons a dominatrix costume seriously WHERE did she get it?! The move features the familiar tale of a successful, hard-working dad Tom Brand Kevin Spacey buying his kid a pet to "make up" for not being there.

  2. Down to Earth Paramount Pictures A number of body-swap movies involve heaven and earth and it's no surprise that Down to Earth plays into that given the title. That's essentially the premise of Big.

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