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Sexy judo mistress

She peered down at his reddened face. The sleeper brought an almost instantaneous submission. She enjoyed watching his discomfort, knowing she was turning him on with the proximity of her sexy body, yet torturing him with her deadly embrace. He shuffled across the mat on his back. It had the desired effect — she eased up the pressure. However, I require a lot from my wrestling subbies. She knew that this hold had totally imprinted her into his brain — he would never forget this moment! Poor sod, an hour ago he was minding his own business in the supermarket, now he had been reduced to a helpless jelly by this…….. Majestic When she had let him go and he had managed to summon the energy to stand again, she repeated her previous move of forcing him to his knees with both her hands applying finger locks. She won, beat the stuffing out of me. OK, try and escape! Simple really! The instant his lips touched the fabric of her lingerie, she clamped her thighs shut again, trapping him once more in her leggy embrace. She was sitting up, looking down at him as he worked. She turned out to be even more beautiful in person than she was in the pictures on her web site. There was the sound of leather upon leather as she crossed her boots, locking him into a reverse head scissors. Sexy judo mistress

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Sexy judo mistress

Sexy judo mistress

Sexy judo mistress

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  1. She would be the judge of when he was ready to submit — she could tell from the colour of his face and his bulging eyes!

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