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Unfaithful video clips

It's a shame he substitutes the mechanics of suspense for the real suspense of what goes on between a man and a woman, a husband and a wife. Whether it's her initial half-distrustful tentativeness, her later sensual abandon or her never-ending ambivalence, Lane's Constance seems to be actually living the role in a way no one else matches, a way we can all connect to. Production[ edit ] According to actor Gere, an early draft of the screenplay, which he read several years ago, presented the Sumners as suffering from a dysfunctional sexual relationship. Lyne also thought the new ending "would be more interesting and provoke more discussion," [10] saying he intentionally "wanted to do a more ambiguous ending, which treats the audience much more intelligently. The cinematographer also used natural light as much as possible. Constance recalling her first tryst with Paul as she takes a train home. During the windstorm sequence where Connie first meets Paul, it rained and Lyne used the overcast weather conditions for the street scenes. Lane acquired an oxygen bottle in order to survive the rigorous schedule. The play of lust, romance, degradation, and guilt on her face is the movie's real story. It gave Connie some justification for having an affair. Unfaithful video clips

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Unfaithful video clips

Unfaithful video clips

Unfaithful video clips

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