What to do when you hurt someone. When You Hurt Someone You Care About.

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What to do when you hurt someone

There were circumstances. But just as with everything else, the pain of losing a relationship will subside with time. Your reflex is probably going to be to start trying to explain yourself. Erin Pavlina has written a fantastic example of using this technique that I highly recommend checking out! Do your best with the part that's up to you. But don't be discouraged if it doesn't happen instantly. But none of it helps when someone hurts. What can I do? The other person may never know it, but you owe it to them anyway. It wasn't fair. Approach with compassion The thing is, when you approach the other person for apologies, do it with compassion. Imagine that there is some other entity that is thinking your self-critical thoughts and have a conversation with them. What to do when you hurt someone

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What to do when you hurt someone

What to do when you hurt someone

What to do when you hurt someone

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  1. We all make mistakes. What you can do is learn from this moment and do your best not to hurt anyone else again in that way.

  2. Sadly, avoiding it or waiting only makes it worse. So, naturally, how do we come back and talk about a wound caused after-the-fact? Let it tell you where you went wrong, and what you can possibly do, at least right now, to start working on solving the conflict.

  3. But having a compassionate approach to the other person and making a sincere apology that acknowledges your responsibility is the only way you can get out of this situation with some wisdom, and hopefully a mended relationship. You wish it never happened. Empathize, ask questions and ask what is needed.

  4. I waited a good 48 hours before I contacted my friend again. The longer I wait to address an issue the more time it has to brew, fester, and become a bigger issue. You would tell them that they deserve to be forgiven.

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