Being emotionally unavailable. Is Being "Emotionally Unavailable" Holding You Back?.

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Are they emotionally unavailable? Or, just holding back.

Being emotionally unavailable

Emotionally unavailable men often have no issue becoming quite successful in many areas of their lives, but struggle to make or retain genuine connections when it comes to their love lives. They say, "I feel that" or "I feel like you were being unfair," "I feel like I should have gotten a raise," but that doesn't express any emotion. If you block emotions from yourself, how are you supposed to share them with those around you? They prefer to do things alone. Hanging out is one thing, but opening up is quite another. They may not feel like they need anyone. Manage your own emotions, especially any hard ones like disappointment or frustration. If you don't have emotional availability, the answer is likely to be no. The end result is generations of men who are so-called emotionally unavailable: Change your social scenery. It has the opposite effect of shutting them down. For example, if someone feels deep shame, they may experience anger every time something touches that sense of shame, no matter how small that something may be, says Williamson. If they ignore what matters to you, it's a red flag. Being emotionally unavailable

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Being emotionally unavailable

Being emotionally unavailable

Being emotionally unavailable

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  1. Hanging out is one thing, but opening up is quite another. Remember that you don't always need to hold people at arm's length. But when someone cuts off half the spectrum of their emotional range, it comes at the cost of joy, excitement, and depth of connection in relationships.

  2. However, that emotional unavailability can ultimately be damaging to current or potential relationships. Open and direct communication about what you need—and when—can clue your emotionally distant partner into the fact that they need to step it up at critical moments. If a relationship was serious or long-term and truly, even if it wasn't "official," for that matter , it can have major impacts on your life.

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