Change my date of birth. How to Change Birth Date on a Birth Certificate.

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Change my date of birth

Step 2 Fill out an application for correction. Each state may have a slightly different process for changing information on the certificate, so pay close attention to the steps provided by the government office. There are 9 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. He now owns and operates an organic-method small farm focusing his research and writing on both organic gardening methods and hydroponics. Some states may not have a specific application for this request and instead a notarized statement requesting the change may be used. Step 5 Wait for the correction to be completed. In Christian traditions, there is no set time limit dictating when an infant must be baptized. Changing the date of birth on a birth certificate is no easy task. If it has been a number of years since the birth of the child and you need to correct the date of birth, school immunization records are another widely accepted source of documentation. Most states will require you send in proof the birth date is incorrect on the birth certificate. If you live in a state without a predetermined process for amending the birthdate on a birth certificate, you will have to call the vital records office up and ask about the process. Another source of documentation for a particular date of birth is a religious record. Typically, there are modest fees associated with amending birth records. Most states also require at least two pieces of this documentation. After the correction has been completed, either a new certified copy of the certificate with the correct date will be sent to you or a certified copy of the birth certificate with a line through the incorrect birth date, and the new date written nearby, depending on the states vital records procedure. Change my date of birth

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Change my date of birth

Change my date of birth

Change my date of birth

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  1. Records of Jewish and Islamic naming ceremonies tend to carry more weight; they prescribe the naming ceremony take place a certain number of days after the birth of the child.

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