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Forced fantasy

Share Tweet Pinterest Linkedin Flipboard Two weeks ago, my gentle and loving boyfriend of three months held me down and forced me to have sex with him against my will, and then told me I had asked for it. Think of it this way: To me, it was not. When it was over, I lay there, shaken. Florio Aug 28 All of your private sexual fantasies are completely, percent OK to have. Why is this? Let's also not forget the Shades-esque reason behind all this: Late that night, we returned home from a tame evening out, both totally sober. Thoughts float around about how irresistible, how oh-so-hot you are, which is why this man is throwing himself at you. We want to be able to think of anything and everything we want to when we're fantasizing, and we like to flirt with the boundaries in the privacy and safety of our own bedrooms. Consent is always required when two people find themselves in a tantalizing situation. Then there are the fantasies that are, um, controversial in nature — and they can include fantasies about rape or sexual violence. There is usually no arousal happening in real-life situations when a woman is being forced into sex, making actual rape quite different than what's happening in our heads. Understandably so, as it's not an easy thing to bring up around friends at a casual Friday night dinner. Raj Persaud, a consultant psychiatrist in London, writes for the Huffington Post, these fantasies can be tricky to negotiate , but engaging in therapy helps us explore them in a safe environment. The most popular is sexual blame avoidance ; it's common for women to feel guilty or ashamed for having intense erotic visions, so being forced into the situation relieves them of the burden because, after all, they were coerced into it. Forced fantasy

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Forced fantasy

Forced fantasy

Forced fantasy

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  1. It was foreplay, and it got me incredibly hot. But for other women, fantasies are more true to life. These numbers were revealed in a issue of the Journal of Sex Research, but many think these are lowball estimates, considering that are many more females out there who are too embarrassed or ashamed to admit it crosses their mind.

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