Reddy wedding rituals. Symbolism and Significance of various Reddy Wedding Rituals.

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Reddy wedding rituals

Gifts are presented which includes jewelry and clothing. The actual ceremony starts with this. The groom puts his right hand in and the bride puts her left hand in and they fish for the ring. Uniting the mangalsootram — This is the last of the ceremonies of Andhra Reddy marriage. The mangalasootra is not supposed to clash with each other and therefore few black or golden beads will be slipped between them. A curtain separates the bride and the groom as they are not allowed to look at each other. Married people witnessing this occasion come forward to bless the couple, by sprinkling flower petals and rice coated with turmeric powder. Kaashi Yaatra This is a fun-filled ceremony. Back to top. The couple wishes and prays for honour, health, nourishment, prosperity, strength, comfort and spiritual development. It is at the Mandapam that the actual Vivah takes place. The Auspicious Time or Muhurtam Once the muhurtam approaches, the bride faces the east and has her husband-to-be in front of her. The girls are followed by the groom who places himself at the right side of the mandapam. Jeerakalla-bellamu — Now, the priest starts chanting the wedding shlokas with the curtain still existing between the bride and the groom. Wedding customs[ edit ] The rituals conducted by the Telugu speaking people during the ceremonious occasion of the wedding are different from those conducted in neighboring southern states of India. Reddy wedding rituals

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Reddy wedding rituals

Reddy wedding rituals

Reddy wedding rituals

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  1. The venue of the wedding may be a Kalyana Mandapam that is a hall rented for wedding purposes or a temple or a hotel. Uniting the Mangalasootra The Telugu people join the two mangasootras on a common thread, a fortnight post wedding. They are then wiped with a silk cloth signifying the end of the ceremony.

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