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Redtube medieval

Levinus Lemnius, a 16th century Dutch author, voiced the thought that "such women be as greatly desirous of carnal lust The hairier the woman, the more likely she is to bear twins. The more pubic hair, the more modest the woman. And even in the eras where pubic hair was in fashion , like in the Middle Ages, artists still looked back to the Renaissance and Greek ideals of nudity for their art — which meant no hairs below the waist. Pubic hair has a tie to fertility and sexual potency in a lot of cultures — Chinese men are still advised traditionally not to marry women without pubic hair , because they may be infertile — but it still frightened the bejesus out of some people. So a lot of "witches" endured unwanted shavings on top of everything else. The truth of its absence from art is actually a bit more prosaic — but even without showing up in paintings, pubic hair has had a very weird and misunderstood ride. The most basic equation was, the more pubic hair, the more babies you'll have — in one go. Lest you think this is an isolated incident, another text has it too, only the result is "wicked venomous beasts. A compendium of folk magic from rural Illinois in the s reveals a very peculiar use for a lady's pubic hair: In the school of medicine that most of the Western world used for centuries, peoples' temperatures were determined by their combination of the four "humors" in their bodies, and men were hot and dry, while women were cold and wet. The hairier a woman, the more lecherous she makes men. By JR Thorpe Mar 5 It's a common myth that, before the modern age, the Western world simply ignored the existence of female pubic hair entirely. Just when you thought you were getting a handle on this pubic superstition business: It was put in potions with honey, mead, mandrake root, and rose petals , and served to the object of your desire. Redtube medieval

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Redtube medieval

Redtube medieval

Redtube medieval

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  1. To be honest, the real reason that pubic hair didn't show up in old paintings or statues is the same reason it doesn't show up in today's pornography: Myth 7: Here are eight of the most ridiculous myths about pubic hair throughout history.

  2. Pubic hair can turn into serpents and wicked monsters when a woman is menstruating. Myth 7: In World War II, some soldiers apparently wore it on badges.

  3. Myth 5: This idea came from a general belief, touted by Pliny The Elder, that women were more innately modest than men.

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