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Changsha dating

None leaves me with any real hope of determining absolute dates for any but the very latest periods of a future revised relative chronology. In the graves excavated at Yutaishan the iron artefacts found were as follows: This is the entire argument. Considering now the relative chronology of Table 2, we see that it is based on the assumption that the entire population, over a period of five centuries, all buried their dead in the same way and changed their burial practices at the same times; and that each change was completed within a very short time. There is no doubt that this is the site of Ying, which was the capital of Chu from B. Two earlier attempts at a chronology of the Yutaishan graves KG Here a relative chronology is presented and argued in meticulous detail, and one may hope that it will serve as a model for all future work on Chu chronology. In Luoyang the ceramic li-cauldron disappears by the late Spring and Autumn period: It has been seen above Section 4 that Gao Zhixi's chronology depends heavily on comparison with northern material. His only argument now concerns the use of li-cauldrons in burials in north China. Sufficient data is available for a more sophisticated statistical treatment, but these will require more advanced data processing equipment than the slips of paper and pocket calculator which I have used in preparing Figures 5 and 8. Changsha dating

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Changsha dating

Changsha dating

Changsha dating

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  1. On the other hand, if the dating methods used in Changsha were applied uncritically to this material the graves of the conservative native aristocrats might be mistakenly dated to the Han period, several centuries too early. In comparing these graves with the Changsha graves we may start with the grave-forms.

  2. Ge Hong wrote angrily and ironically of the decadence of the northerners, especially concerning their lax view of mourning and the burial of the dead Tang Changru

  3. My mother affected me the most, she is very kind, easygoing, generous, and helped many many people, she is always in good spirit, she is my idol. Late Spring and Autumn 3.

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