Sex with others in the house. New Sex Positions for Every Room in the House.

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Sex with others in the house

Back to planets table of contents Moon in the eighth house The native is emotional and is able to feel the non-physical realm. Giphy Monopoly anyone? In fact, sometimes a deeply spiritual and platonic love is possible with such a placement. In this house the native may break sexual or spiritual taboos. A father might leave a large inheritance after his death. He may have a natural understanding of how to use occult energy, and may sometimes use it for evil. He may do everything he can to get the person that he likes. For those who are typically vocal in bed, copulating quietly might just be a new, fun challenge. He might take interest in managing joint finances, taxes or insurance. If Uranus is ill-aspected, you should be careful with money and you should never borrow. The native may be interested in careers involving financial matters like corporate fundrasing and tax accounting, or occupations to do with death, like providing funeral services. Sex with others in the house

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Sex with others in the house

Sex with others in the house

Sex with others in the house

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  1. Alcohol or drug overdose might be the death cause too. Or it could be that you may spend a lot of money on legal matters to get that inheritance. The native may be reluctant to see this truth, and might blame the other party for relationships going wrong.

  2. The native is likely to live a long life and will die peacefully. An afflicted Neptune may tempt an individual to use spiritual forces selfishly.

  3. Since Jupiter is the planet of expansion, its location in the house of sex, death and rebirth may make the native spend a lot of time on sexual activities to the point that sex becomes mindless, so this should be guarded against. Skinny jeans and tight fitting pants are an absolute no-no. How to go about it?

  4. Saturn in this placement indicates a long life. It tells of an unexpected and sudden death, and the native may sense his last hour. If you are face-to-face with your partner, you can kiss when you want to moan or scream.

  5. Because the desire for sexual experiences will be great, sometimes the native will be too impulsive in getting into relationships, regretting his actions later on. Also, you have to be careful with handling money if Neptune is afflicted, because other people may deceive you. So it will look like gain only at the begining.

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