The smurfs smurfette episode. The Smurfette (episode).

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The Smurfs: Smurfette Becomes A Real Smurf!

The smurfs smurfette episode

Of the differences that existed between the original version and its cartoon adaptation, one of them was that Smurfette was changed into a real Smurf by "plastic smurfery" by Papa Smurf in the original story, whereas she was changed by magic in the cartoon version. Meanwhile, Smurfette waits in the forest by a picnic blanket, wondering if any Smurf is going to show up, when Jokey does with one of his surprises, which explodes when she opens it. This marks the first time we see a Smurf dressing as a character of the opposite sex. This makes the other Smurfs, including Grouchy and Hefty, who, at first, wanted to beat her up feel so sorry for her, that they start to cry as well. The female says that she's a Smurfette and that she was looking for a way to the Smurf Village. For some reason, Handy's voice sounds completely different in this episode. Papa Smurf comforts the sobbing Smurfette by telling her it's not her fault she was made by an evil wizard, to which Smurfette says that she wishes she could be a real Smurf. The next day, Hefty leads a group of male Smurfs into the forest to gather smurfberries , having every Smurf choose a direction to go off in for this task, when Hefty hears the voice of a female crying. This episode was the 31st aired, but since Smurfette was already seen in many episodes prior to this, it is highly likely this episode came first in production order and was aired out of order. Harmony, using the same excuse, turns the invite over to Vanity , who then turns it over to Grouchy , then to Brainy, then to Greedy , and then they all decide to part ways, leaving the invite on the ground for Papa Smurf to pick up. Back in the village, though, the Smurfs celebrate Smurfette becoming one of them at last, and Grouchy is seen secretly scrawling a love heart on a Smurf house, mumbling "I love the Smurfette, too" and then adding "but I hate anybody to know about it" before walking off. Smurfette's un-Smurfy self would return in Season 7's " Smurfette Unmade ". She wonders what to do now when she hears Papa Smurf tell her that she'll know what to do when the time is right. But before he could close up the dam, Smurfette forces the gate to remain open, fighting with Greedy for control over the switch. The smurfs smurfette episode

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The smurfs smurfette episode

The smurfs smurfette episode

The smurfs smurfette episode

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  1. Smurfette as she originally appeared She then bursts into tears and confesses that she was a creation of Gargamel sent to destroy them, and that she deserves to be punished for her actions. Papa Smurf tells Smurfette that that part is one she'll have to manage on her own, and she'll know what to do when the time is right.

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