Girls like ballbusting. Ballbusting.

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SAVAGE NUT HITS (CRINGE WARNING) - Hilarious Anime Moments

Girls like ballbusting

But why kick him in the nuts when he gets a hard on, isn't it a beautifull compliment to you? My sister told me to get some ice, and put it in a towel. The superiority of one type of man over another is not predicated upon whether he has been vasectimized or not. And when You are mad at him, You can simply belt him of course, if You like punishing males in this way. With him being naked it became a game at first to hit him where it hurts. I too enjoy it when my girlfriend squeezes my balls. As a Gay man I must admit that I can be found in Kathy's corner when it comes to naked men and clothed women. Create a poll Ballbusting Question: It is dependant on how he thinks and beahves towards women. Now I cannot achieve orgasm until my balls are injured and I wank. I told my husband I was surprised he actually went through with it. She loves the power she has on me but she always likes to feel and play with my balls. Girls like ballbusting

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Girls like ballbusting

Girls like ballbusting

Girls like ballbusting

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  1. MikeJul 11 7: So why the need to retract it? I think you and she also know that your own balls makes her superior since she does not have them attached to her at least because your balls belong to her.

  2. Lots of women like to slap kick and punch their mens balls and mostly its done in a fun way but also a sexual way as we like to show them who is boss.

  3. CBYMar 19 4: I told him if he does go through with it I will act upset and give him a knee. None of this stuff is new.

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