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An Inside Look on "Grand Theft Auto 5" From Lazlow on Sway in the Morning


As the series progressed, Lazlow began developing his own eccentric, deviant, and sometimes illegal behaviors. Lazlow's ex-wife then married his former best friend, causing him to obsess over her for several years following their divorce, which he also later claims creeped out the women he dated following his divorce. He also has an LCPD record but the LCPD apparently doesn't know his surname, claiming that the mystery of his surname is still unsolved and claiming the stupidity of the LCPD officers who arrested and booked him, as they never asked Lazlow his surname. Lazlow re-emerged in on the national scene as the new host of the Los Santos -based syndicated West Coast Talk Radio show Entertaining America , replacing the original host Billy Dexter after his untimely accidental death at the hands of a roid-raging Jack Howitzer. Earlier in Lazlow's and Couzin Ed's real-life radio careers, Lazlow was the sidekick of Couzin Ed, who he would almost always tease on the radio. However, all episodes ever produced, along with extras, are available for purchase in a "box set" on Lazlow's website. He seems to have a rivalry with Hugh Harrison , as the two constantly trade insults and are shown to have been in physical altercations in several previous episodes. Personality In earlier games in the 3D Universe , Lazlow was depicted as one of the more "sane", stable, and seemingly decent people in the Grand Theft Auto universe, especially on the radio. Grand Theft Auto Online "Bad news. Presumably, in terms of GTA IV's storytelling, this simply indicates that those events and locations are common to both continuities. Well not bad news. He was the voice of the company's automated greeting messages, but the ZiT adverts still made fun of his need to be in the public eye, referring to him as " Lazlow

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  1. Annoying news. Rockstar Games hired Lazlow's production company, Radio Lazlow, to co-write and produce all the radio stations in Vice City as well as minor character and bystander scripting. Integrity's sole program consists of Lazlow's on-site reporting from around Liberty City.

  2. Main article: Lazlow appears later on in the mission Reuniting the Family at Blazing Tattoo , with Tracey trying to get back on the show Fame or Shame after Michael and Trevor ruined her first audition.

  3. During the show he makes a references to his real-life show, The Lazlow Show. Liberty City Stories.

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