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Madhuri Dixit With Her Sisters

Madhuri sister pics

A remake of director K. So immense is the star-power of Madhuri Dixit that Subhash Ghai actually carved out a solid role for her in this macho tale of a bad boy and his shenanigans. She played Devi, a clairvoyant woman who has a vision of a murder and sets out to uncover the truth. She portrayed Bindu Patel, who along with a group of people learns about a hidden treasure and then races to claim it. Jha labelled Dixit's performance and demeanour "inconsistent". Dixit next played a strong-willed woman in the hit action drama Izzatdaar. Madhuri's entrance is a riot with a prison inmate asking her, 'Kaisi aurat hai tu? She more than matches up to seasoned artists like Shabana and Om Puri in their scenes together. Her role of Pooja, a woman faced with a moral dilemma in a love triangle fetched her a fourth Filmfare Best Actress Award. March and Rayaan b. Madhuri sister pics

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Madhuri sister pics

Madhuri sister pics

Madhuri sister pics

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  1. She moved back to Mumbai with her family in October The film underperformed at the box office.

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