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All because I took a chance on an opportunity that allowed me to be the stay at home mom I have always wanted to be. All because I decided I had enough of the corporate world! Barbara will be sure to answer you. This is me saying "Peace out!! It is more of a pep talk to get you focused and grounded. We spent countless hours offline texting and chatting. Yes in the boss. Stand amongst those more powerful or at least those who think they are and be so incredibly proud of who you are and how far you have come. There is a common denominator now between us that is stronger than some of the social relationships I have made in my lifetime. Treat it as such. We all helped each other to succeed. Mylifemyschedule

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  1. Wrapping up some last minute giveaways and I'm off to dinner and family time! There are no pretenses.

  2. Occasionally, if the school feels you are slipping or need some encouragement, there is a coach that will call to counsel you.

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