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Sexy lazy

Slick your hair back for a more polished approach or pull some pieces out to make it more relaxed. Grab your eyeliner, line and smudge! Killer mascara. Something dark and mysterious maybe? Dry shampoo is the 8th wonder of the world. A standout lip makes you look completely made up and glamorous, to boot. Dry shampoo. A single item of clothing and all you need to do is find great shoes. Looking at a pleasurable variety of cultural forms and texts, the contributors consider the particular charms of girls and horses, from National Velvet to Marnie; discuss figures of the lesbian body from vampires to tribades to tomboys; uncover 'virtual' lesbians in the fiction of Jeanette Winterson; track desire in the music of legendary Blues singers; and investigate the ever-scrutinised and celebrated body of Elizabeth Taylor. Sexy in five. Hello, easy! Bombshell hair in just moments. Sexy lazy

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Sexy lazy

Sexy lazy

Sexy lazy

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  1. Sexy in five. A standout lip makes you look completely made up and glamorous, to boot. Two-in-one products.

  2. The collection includes two important pieces of fiction by Mary Fallon and Nicole Brossard.

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