Sinthetics gay. 'We Sell a Lot of Dicks': Inside a Factory Making Male Sex Dolls for Women.

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Sinthetics gay

But they're also creating the manikins for more personal reasons: Matt agrees. Thanks to men's hairy bodies, the male dolls have proved more complicated than female manikins built for men. Ten years later, he's still alive. Then a woman purchased a doll, and Sinthetics decided to produce silicone men specifically for women. On the weekends, a girl spends hours hand-sewing body hair into the dolls. Matt never expected Vajankles to become a big seller, for example. Matt says he's unsure if women will buy the dolls like gay and straight men do, but the companies' previous risks have paid off in dividends: She first got into the job when Matt, then her boyfriend, needed a secretary to answer his emails. In their marketing, Sinthetics has started calling their products "manikins" instead of sex dolls in order to combat the negative image. The dicks come in different sizes and finishes. Like a Greek artist, Matt works long hours in a separate all-white room airbrushing male dolls for female clients. He went to school for industrial design. He still hasn't figured out how to create realistic foreskin that slides up and down the shaft, but he notes that penises have always been difficult to create. To give the men a "rugged" look, he says he needs to paint multiple layers on the manikins. The story behind the surprise viral hit is fairly straightforward, she tells me: Sinthetics gay

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Sinthetics gay

Sinthetics gay

Sinthetics gay

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  1. Matt designs each manikin based on clients' custom orders. A friend recommended him to a sex doll company.

  2. Matt wears cargo shorts. Some customers have requested manikins with small penises, but, so far, poorly endowed men have refused to let Matt cast their dicks.

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