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Im cool girl

As she told Oprah , there was a moment, last year, when she was overwhelmed with fear: And like so many massive female stars before her, Lawrence is a far better actor than most of her roles— or the discourse around them — reflect. In five years, Lawrence will be in her early thirties, past what Hollywood considers her prime and peak palatability, nearing the age when Cool Girl behaviors start to signify as desperate, even sloppy. In the conversation with Stern , that exhaustion is raw: Yet she is rarely taken seriously. I bragged that my drink of choice was beer, a try-hard comment that my friends and I laugh at in retrospect. One of my biggest fears was appearing dramatic. View Comments. I used to see this "chill personality" as a goal to strive for. Submit it here. Im cool girl

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Im cool girl

Im cool girl

Im cool girl

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  1. Shortly thereafter, Lawrence issued a statement saying the photos, which had been hacked from her iCloud account, had been sent to her then-boyfriend. But she could also be filled with unmitigated rage.

  2. If I ever allowed my emotions to get the best of me, especially in a situation with a man, I would claim it was a fluke.

  3. I tend to overthink things, which leads to non-clinical anxiety and causes me to act in irrational ways.

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