Why do girls like abs. Sex therapist Tracey Cox explains why 75% of women prefer FLAB to abs.

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Dad Bod Vs Fit Bod - Who Do Girls REALLY Want?

Why do girls like abs

There are many many things men can learn from women, but this is one area where women can learn from men. That's his job. I never quite knew why abs are liked so much though, I guess its just easy to see but they still prefer arms sometimes more and back 0 0 IHateMeganFox It's kind of like boobs, butt, and legs on a woman. Actually a little bit of flab on a guys stomach is cute to me. I showed four male friends the publicity stills of the ab-tastic Zac Efron and they all shrugged and said, 'He looks good. The men were also given a strength test. Your good man. They aren't rippling with abs - some of them have a 4 pac, no abs or look like that guy in the picture. But when it comes to real life, we don't want chiselled perfection in our bed. Find out more about sex and relationships at traceycox. One set of photographs showed male university students and a second set showed men recruited from a gym, who worked out between three to five times each week. I've yet to meet one man who has let feeling fat stop them having sex. In the latest study, women were shown photographs of male bodies, with the head blanked out and asked to rate them for attractiveness. Why do girls like abs

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Why do girls like abs

Why do girls like abs

Why do girls like abs

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  1. Is it any wonder women figure - usually quite rightly - that a man who is less critical of his own appearance and less looks-obsessed will be less critical of ours? You only have sex with the lights out.

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