Born on the cusp of leo and virgo. Born on the Leo-Virgo Cusp.

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Cusp of Leo and Virgo Love Life

Born on the cusp of leo and virgo

This is killing them slowly, all the secrets and hidden thoughts, taking away from the joy and enthusiasm, and instead of lifting up a wall of fakery and pretense. Do your best to understand that they are struggling with their own boundaries around self-protection. Not only that, but the Leo drive and Virgo perfectionism will ensure that they stop at nothing to achieve what they've set out to do. Some people are prone to fall victim to gambling, and are quite likely to be arrogant and exorbitant at the gaming table, thanks to their risk-taking nature! More importantly, these people need to learn the true meaning of humbleness, generosity, and understanding. You have a delicate balance to maintain, and if you're thrown off one way or another, you may end up showing your dramatic, know-it-all side. The cusp of Leo and Virgo is known as the cusp of exposure because the concept of exposure is deeply relevant to the lives of the people of the cusp. All their goals and plans will be detailed minutely People born during the period between the 19th and 25th of August and placed on the Leo-Virgo cusp, are individuals of rare visionary perspective and commanding ability. Patience, tolerance and a teamwork spirit are needed in order to put things in perfect order. The Leo-Virgo cusp in summary: Tori Amos was born on August 22, Egoist Risk-takers Owing to their Virgo traits, they can be highly secretive, which often leads them to hide away from the world, eventually not getting the recognition that they desire. When it comes to business practice or relationships, this is a killer instinct to have. Willem Dafoe was born on July 22, This cusp is conflicted by Leo's need for drama, and Virgo's antisocial nature. Born on the cusp of leo and virgo

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Born on the cusp of leo and virgo

Born on the cusp of leo and virgo

Born on the cusp of leo and virgo

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  1. See if you can find the words to say what you are feeling — even if those words are "I don't know. With that said, I have noticed that while there is a great deal of literature available to each sign, there is a group of us that are often forgotten in the world of astrology: Their partners will never know what hit them, what sort of luck or heavenly force is shining down upon them.

  2. However, they often tend to use this trait to manipulate or dominate others when needed. It's hard to be vulnerable when you hold so many secrets, when silence is your go-to emotional mode. Overall, the influence of fire is feared, but if the Leo-Virgo cuspers can learn to control it and embrace it, great things are possible.

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