Married to an introverted man. Help! I Married an Introvert: Tips for Engaging the Strong, (more) Silent Type.

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When Introverts & Extroverts Marry

Married to an introverted man

I must admit: Happy couples don't just figure out how to manage personality differences, they also leverage them to make their relationship richer. Turns out, that's actually an unfair and inaccurate assumption. Extroverts, on the other hand, have a difficult time finding a reason to be more introverted. Who knows what gems might be yours? This can be a challenge for me. The more that you can take the lead role at social events, the longer we can last, and the more we appreciate and respect how you can handle the situation. But I can assure you that the effort has been worth it! Talk about deep things with them. Consider structure that works for you. Introverts spend more time in their heads because they find that most of the outside world ought to be observed instead of simply interacted with. That said, depending on the situation, he might not always be ready to share at that moment, just because I've asked. As opposed to some of my extroverted friends who are pumped up by being around others. The real beauty is that introverts can learn to become more extroverted. With that said, ladies who love men and men who love men, introverts make much better husbands. If your introverted spouse is a people-pleaser to the core like me , they may not want to ask for alone time because they know it will inconvenience others. Married to an introverted man

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Married to an introverted man

Married to an introverted man

Married to an introverted man

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  1. Fatherhood teaches them that there are people in this world who are more important to them than themselves.

  2. He learned very quickly that letting me ramble sometimes is good for me—as a wife, as an employee

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