Ps3 crashes when updating gta 5. .

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Solution To Grand Theft Auto V Freezing (PS3)

Ps3 crashes when updating gta 5

Hope it makes it to the "Loading Story Mode" screen. Don't worry you wont loose anything critical by doing these options, Here is the official sony article on safe mode if you want to look into that: Once it didn't acknowledge the guard in the front room, another time it froze in the shootout with the cops outside, another was the guard who holds Michael and you switch to Trevor to shoot him — he didn't show up and I was stuck running around with nothing happening. Let's hope it works properly. If all is grand, then you get to play the intro bank heist mission for the th time. And Trevor didn't follow me to the vault. My game is in almost brand new condition, and my ps3 works fine with every other game but every time I click the game to start it, it goes to a black screen and freezes. Before you click "OK" for the update, wait til the back ground music has stopped. This worked for me - the update proceeded as normal with no black screen freeze. Date Posted: There's a heirarchy: Game just loaded again, thank god.. Ps3 crashes when updating gta 5

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Ps3 crashes when updating gta 5

Ps3 crashes when updating gta 5

Ps3 crashes when updating gta 5

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  1. Farthest I ever got was the end of that mission and the credits begin to roll. Hope you see the tips on the left hand side pop up.

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