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Prachatai and Pantip have chosen to self-censor, closely monitoring each discussion, in order to remain unblocked. Although ISPs are not legally required to accede to these "requests", MICT Permanent Secretary Kraisorn Pornsuthee wrote in that ISPs who fail to comply will be punitively sanctioned by government in the form of bandwidth restriction or even loss of their operating license. However, following the pattern of past coups, the military's first action was to scrap the constitution and begin drafting a new one. Search engine giants, Google and Yahoo! Tor is in use through software including XeroBank Browser formerly Torpark and Vidalia , and a number of other proxied solutions including Proxify , Six-Four, phproxy are also used. Video sharing sites[ edit ] Video sharing sites such as Camfrog have recently been blocked on the grounds that people were "behaving indecently" on webcams. As no advance reading copies or excerpts were made available, these sites were censored based on the book's title alone. Google, at least, has made public a statement that it has no intention of blocking any sites to users in Thailand. The MICT minister has said in an interview in the Bangkok Post that he has not blocked these methods because "using proxies to access illegal sites are illegal, whereas using proxies to access legal sites is legal. WikiLeaks[ edit ] On 28 June , access to wikileaks. Internet and rights activists, have criticized the amendments which they say will adversely affected people's rights and liberties. The entire video upload website, YouTube , has been blocked several times, including a complete ban between 4 April and 31 August due to a video which was considered to be offensive to the monarchy. The page was prohibited because of the court order. This comes against the background of increased cyber crime and global terrorism, but also at a major transition for Thailand, whose military government is particularly alert to what it deems national security threats. This makes Midnight University the only legally-protected website in Thailand. Despite claims of technical issues by the junta, the permanent secretary of MICT and Telenor , parent of Thai mobile phone operator dtac , later admitted that the blocks were done deliberately [36] Opposition to Internet censorship[ edit ] Interference in communications, including the Internet, was specifically prohibited by Section 37 and free speech protected by Section 39 of the "People's" Constitution. Thai nude clip

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Thai nude clip

Thai nude clip

Thai nude clip

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  1. This makes Midnight University the only legally-protected website in Thailand. Prachatai and Pantip have chosen to self-censor, closely monitoring each discussion, in order to remain unblocked. Circumvention software[ edit ] Software applications for circumventing web-blocking are readily available.

  2. On 29 April , Wipas Raksakulthai was arrested following a post to his Facebook account allegedly insulting King Bhumibol. Prachatai and Pantip have chosen to self-censor, closely monitoring each discussion, in order to remain unblocked. FACT's petition is still open for signatures and is actively seeking international support.

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