To get on the same page. On The Same Page.

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To get on the same page

It's all about "getting" them and how they work. Chances are, they already know what you're up to. And why one? But Paul's letter to the Ephesians takes it further: It's about finding healthy ways to persuade them so you can both work together and find compromises. For instance, if you're deciding where you want to have dinner on Friday night, give them options. If you want to communicate effectively with an Aries, Barretta says to avoid making demands. According to Barretta, they don't typically stick to set rules and they go about their days very casually. Getting your partner to see things your way isn't about manipulation. If you want your partner to be more consistent, it's all about finding balance. But it's important that they get a say in things as well. According to Barretta, they're very adaptable people and it's pretty easy to reach an agreement with them. Although they do value true partnership, they also like taking the lead in their relationships. Maybe that's what I should have said in the first place And finally RonV, please do not hold back on asking questions here. In the context of my day-job, we very often bring in management consultants, business consultants, specialist technical consultants, financial and legal experts - yadda yadda. How might God use the decision about children in your marriage to demonstrate oneness to you and those around you? To get on the same page

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To get on the same page

To get on the same page

To get on the same page

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  1. Chances are, they already know what you're up to. The good news is, it's all about communication.

  2. It was one of the most pressing messages in His prayer for the disciples during the Last Supper: If this is the case, avoid turning this issue into a fight as much as possible.

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