Characteristics of aquarius woman in love. Incredible Truths About an Aquarius Woman in Love.

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Aquarius in Love: Traits, Expectations & Fears

Characteristics of aquarius woman in love

Aquarians may not be into grand shows of affection and they may not say "I love you", but they'll show their love in unique ways that feel right for them and make you feel special. Aquarius Woman: She is rebellious and more so if she was not given enough freedom during her teen years to burn off some of that rebellious energy. More modern associations align Aquarius with the planet Uranus. The esoteric subjects and the art of magick different from sleight of hand or illusions also hold an equal interest for her, serving as the mother science of all sciences. She holds an interest in all things and their interconnectivity. Peculiarly, Aquarius women sometimes confuse love with friendship and vice versa. Eventually, the fear is overcome, and when she finds her footing, the Aquarius Woman makes an intense and very serious commitment with her partner. She is drawn to doing something that she feels is important, like teaching, working in scientific fields, healing others, or working for charities. The Byronic hero image of Mr. Aquarius Woman In Love Relationships The Aquarius Woman in love personality traits show that you are not a conventional house wife doing the normal household chores. Add their lack of emotional expression to the fact that they need unlimited independence, and it can seem to the person they love that there is no intimate relationship at all. You are popular with others as you treat everyone with the same degree of love and respect. They always try to look at the larger picture, and will not shy away from taking the responsibility to work for the betterment of society. It's just more acceptable for a man to intellectualize and detach from their emotions and this was often reinforced in an Aquarian man's boyhood conditioning. They are popular in their social circles. Team-work interests them a lot. Characteristics of aquarius woman in love

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Characteristics of aquarius woman in love

Characteristics of aquarius woman in love

Characteristics of aquarius woman in love

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  1. Though they prefer a comfortable lifestyle, they rarely run after money. Her life challenge is to free herself from the restrictive forces that dart down from Saturn. Prefers friends with benefits couplings She's hesitant and might even refuse to marry She has an open-minded attitude toward infidelity, but will never indulge in acts of infidelity herself without strong reasons.

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