Days of our lives salary per episode. Salaries of TV’s Top Stars Revealed, From Reese Witherspoon to Dwayne Johnson.

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Days of our lives salary per episode

Five-time Daytime Emmy winner Hogan Sheffer was named head writer with great fanfare in October , but lasted less than 16 months with the show, with his last episode airing in January And with so much other television work happening year-round, finding actors willing to commit to the traditional development and production process is not always easy. Katherine Thurston is a writer who has been a devoted fan of ABC's "One Life to Live" for more than 30 years and writes about the soap opera genre. Veteran Stars Some of the highest paid soap stars earn considerably more than other veterans in the field. In December before the cancellation of One Life to Live , Days of Our Lives recorded three consecutive weeks of new lows in the women key demo category, [98] [99] [] [] and again another consecutive three weeks of low ratings in the same demographic during March—April This is for a potentially recurring role, but with only a few lines and limited face time. In her place, Sony would be sending a writer from The Young and the Restless to help Griffith with the transition. Again, this may only be one to three days per week of actual work. As always, there are many other factors involved. In an April interview with Soap Opera Digest , executive producer Ken Corday commented on the ratings decline of the previous months, "If I don't pay attention to the ratings and what the viewers are saying, I'm an ostrich. Aniston, Witherspoon, Bardem and Roberts are all listed as an executive producer on their respective projects, and each will command an additional fee for that service. In the mids, however, the show experienced a resurgence in popularity and the show reached number two in the ratings, where it remained for several years before experiencing another ratings decline beginning in , the year that Days of Our Lives became NBC's longest-running daytime program upon the cancellation of Another World. Days of our lives salary per episode

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Days of our lives salary per episode

Days of our lives salary per episode

Days of our lives salary per episode

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  1. Wesley Kenney and Al Rabin as supervising producers, before she semi-retired in Former head writer Dena Higley 's first episode aired on April 23,

  2. Katherine Thurston is a writer who has been a devoted fan of ABC's "One Life to Live" for more than 30 years and writes about the soap opera genre. Much of the decline was due to ABC's expansion of its increasingly popular soap All My Children to a full hour, the last half of which overlapped with the first half of Days of Our Lives By January , the network, in a mode of desperation more than anything else, decided to jump headlong against AMC and moved the show ahead to the same 1: Back row:

  3. Roles for those actors have historically been scarcer than they have for white male actors — meaning fewer opportunities for performers to drive up their quote. The shocking and ratings-grabbing plot when Vivian Alamain buried Dr. Days of Our Lives was the only daytime drama series to increase in viewers between and and had reduced its operating budget, making it a profitable asset to NBC's broadcast line-up.

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