Redheads are like unicorns. 17 Facts About Being A Redhead That Make Us Magical Unicorns.

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The Truth About Redheads

Redheads are like unicorns

Redheads are popular in commercials A report by Upstream Analysis found that 30 percent of the TV commercials that run during prime time prominently feature a redhead. The University of Louisville found that it takes 20 percent more general anesthetic during surgery to put a redhead under. Just a lifetime of head turning hair! On average, a typical redhead has about 90, hairs on our head, whereas blondes and brunettes have upwards of , strands. If you still need convincing, look at who Harry Potter ended up with No brainer really, isn't it. In , the University of Louisville discovered this hidden gift and hypothesized that the redhead gene, MC1R, may cause the human temperature-detecting gene to become overactivated, making readheads more sensitive to thermal extremes. Because here comes the sun, and the sun wants to hurt you and your precious porcelain skin to the point of no return. Yes, these flame-brained creatures are rare, very rare. People who want red hair simply cannot have it. A chemical called pheomelanin is released when pain is inflicted, giving us a higher pain threshold than any other hair color. Redheads are like unicorns

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Redheads are like unicorns

Redheads are like unicorns

Redheads are like unicorns

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  1. Redheads are technically mutants. No panicked midlife crisis for gingers. They can pull off most colours Green, black, navy, yellow, hot pink — all good.

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