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Ny sex therapists

Communicate, play, have fun and be creative. Men tend to be less comfortable with intimacy and more at ease expressing themselves sexually. Together we will discuss and explore your feeling about sexuality, teasing out any issues that could be holding you back from experiencing great sex with your partner. Once these answers are discovered we will create a plan to change and improve the way in which you relate sexually. How past messages can affect our sex life. Lucia and Bruce are working parents with two young children. Sexual problems are so prevalent, that nearly two thirds of all men and women will experience them at some time during their lives. In his book She Comes First, he talks about his early struggles with premature ejaculation. If, however, you feel dissatisfied with your sex life, in any way, you may want to consider exploring the causes. Bob and Annette are in their early 50s, married for three years, and sleeping in separate bedrooms. Shutterstock 1. Depending on where it is on each individual woman, this can determine whether or not she can have an orgasm from just sex alone. Communication about what two individuals need in order to make sex explosive together is paramount and, according to Kerner, something we can be better at. Both are sexually inexperienced and having difficulties making love due to this. Lucia tells Bruce he is selfish and has no idea how difficult her life is. Our consultation time is used as a living laboratory, a place where we can explore different styles, interventions and techniques. My approach includes: Ny sex therapists

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Ny sex therapists

Ny sex therapists

Ny sex therapists

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  1. Common sexual problems include: We all know what Elvis said about a little less conversation and a little more action, but it seems the King may have had a few things to learn about sexy time. Are your sexual issues a by product of other problems in the relationship , or are they purely sexual or technical in nature?

  2. A lot. Lots of New Yorkers get stuck in sex ruts Individuals in their 20s and 30s in New York are discovering who they are sexually in an environment that is oversaturated with sex and sexual themes, so when it comes to sex, the number one issue among couples that Kerner deals with is communication. Get creative with your sex life.

  3. Find new ways to put some fun, energy and excitement into your relationship. They start to feel detached and disconnected.

  4. This strikes close to home with Kerner, who dove into sex therapy after combating his own personal issues with sexual dysfunction.

  5. We premature ejaculate and fake it. From a very young age we are bombarded with images and notions of what our bodies look like and how we act sexuality.

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