Reasons why sex is good. The Top 10 Reasons Why Sex Is Good For You.

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8 steep to good sex

Reasons why sex is good

Yes it's a thing Image: Please enter a valid email address Sign up Oops! The hormones released during sex can physiologic benefits. It Gives You a Healthy Glow: Promotes longevity When one has an orgasm, a hormone called dehydroepiandrosterone is released. Increases immunity Regular lovemaking increases the level of the immune-boosting antibody immunoglobulin A IgA , which in turn makes your body stronger against illnesses like the common cold and fever. It Keeps You Young: Sex is more than just an evening or afternoon or morning of fun. Your hair gets shinier and your skin becomes luminous. It Boosts Your Immune System: For us ladies, estrogen has also been shown to give us soft skin and shiny hair. So even though you might think pain is a barrier to sex, consider this a sex benefit worth the time and effort: Increase your attractiveness to others High sexual activity makes the body release more pheromones, chemicals that enhance your appeal to the opposite sex. The scientist behind this study found that vigorous sex pumps higher levels of oxygen around the body, increasing the flow of blood and nutrients to the skin, and pushes newer, fresher skin cells to the surface, making skin look healthier. Reasons why sex is good

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Reasons why sex is good

Reasons why sex is good

Reasons why sex is good

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  1. Improves cardiovascular health A recent study says that men who have sex more than twice a week, have a lesser risk of getting a heart attack, than men who had sex less than once a month.

  2. Regular sex will do wonders for your waistline. Better Sleep Laura Berman, the director of the Berman Women's Wellness Center of Beverly Hills, California found that the endorphins released during sex can actually promote a better night's sleep.

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