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NEWYORICAN - Vence A Chelimar - 16 Octubre 1988


Yes, it's authentic. When I walk in, I step into a very large, clean, and great smelling industrial kitchen. When asked if it was good, words failed my friend who is usually as verbose as I am when it comes to speaking about food. I got to watch a gentleman come in for the 1st time. She couldn't tell with the blend of flavors that it was there. I started my meal with the tostones and a beef empanada. It was by far the best thing I tasted. The food is amazing and the customer service is just the cherry on top. It's fairly large and heavy food so bring your appetite! This was better than I'd had it in old San Juan! Peoria, AZ A coworker intruduced me to this place and he is my new best friend for it! I had the Mofongo topped with shrimp. We decided to step outside of the box and try a new place and I'm really glad we did. First thing that came out was the two empanadas and we didn't even wait. Newyorican

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  1. Great experience, good food and a great guy. I ordered the peril and mufungo, my girlfriend had the Carne fritas and mufungo. The rice was easily the best part of that dish, making it all around delicious.

  2. I ordered the peril and mufungo, my girlfriend had the Carne fritas and mufungo. They were by far my favorite part of the meal, especially the empanada.

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