Plastic orchid pots for sale. Orchid Pots.

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Plastic orchid pots for sale

When the plants come like this, I wait until they have finished blooming and then I re-pot them. Terracotta Orchid Pots Terracotta is another popular choice. Silvery roots are healthy, but not wet. Learn how to take the guesswork out of watering orchids with clear, plastic pots. What About Stability? This design is great for use with orchid bark or sphagnum moss. One of the downsides is that since these pots are made from lightweight plastic, they may tip over when your orchid is in bloom. Plastic pots are great for phalaenopsis orchids because it keeps the roots warmer than ceramic pots. You can place the orchid in the basket alone or with sphagnum moss to hold in some of the moisture. Need help solving orchid watering problems? Plastic orchid pots for sale

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Plastic orchid pots for sale

Plastic orchid pots for sale

Plastic orchid pots for sale

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  1. In addition to being clear, orchid pots should also have holes or slots. Clear Orchid Pots Help with Watering In a clear pot the grower can easily see if the planting medium is drying out, or if it is still wet.

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